Classic Portrait Painting


Have you always wanted to learn how to paint classic portraits like the famous artists? Now you have the exclusive opportunity to learn the techniques at Kunstmuseum Brandts.

The English artist John Bissett will teach a small class of students in classic portrait painting. The focus of this class will be to create a good likeness to a living model anatomically and by using realistic skin tones. We will focus on the technique called Alla Prima Portrait Painting by using limited palette. The class contains simple painting with 4 colours and with inspiration from the classic portrait of Jens Juel in our permanent collection Works of Art.

John Bissett has exhibited internationally in several museums and galleries, and he recently graduated from and taught at Barcelona Academy of Art.
He will teach you by the level of your individual set of skills, so you do not have to be an experienced painter to attend this class. It is for anyone, who has the desire to learn how to paint.

10:00 – Introduction of the artist and a short visit to the permanent collection Works of Art. Explaining the method we will use and take a look at the process of creating a portrait painting.
10:40 – John Bissett will demonstrate how to create an underpainting with good likeness to the model.
11:10 – The students will create their own underpainting, trying to develop good structure and good likeness.
12:00 – Lunch time. Sandwich for all students.
12:30 – John will introduce the limited palette demonstrating the variety of colours that can be mixed and how to set up a good range of values.
13:00 – John will demonstrate how to apply the skin tones to create a good sense of form.
13:30 – The students will paint for two hours fixing their drawing as they apply skin tones to achieve the best possible likeness. During this time John will visit each students work and critique their painting.
15:30 – Thank you for today!

Useful information
The class is in English.
Lunch and beverage during the day is included in the price.
If you have your own brushes, please bring them for this class. If you do not have your own brushes, please contact Louise Russo on louise.russo@brandts.dk and let her know. We will then provide this for you.

Ticket price: DKK 600,-
Member price: DKK 450,-

There is a limited amount of tickets for sale, and we therefore recommend that you buy your ticket in advance here.
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