Ellie Harrison at Brandts 13


For her talk at Brandts 13, Ellie Harrison will present some of the playful and provocative work she has made over the last decade in direct response to the changing British culture she has grown up in; discussing her attempts to investigate, expose and challenge its sometimes illogical and absurd political and economic systems. For examples, see her installation / event to coincide with this summer’s Referendum on Scottish Independence After the Revolution, Who Will Clean Up the Mess?, her 2010 performance General Election Drinking Game and A Brief History of Privatisation – an installation made in 2011 using six electric massage chairs to re-enact the history of UK public service policy over the last century – presented in collaboration with British stand-up comedian Josie Long.

Ellie Harrison’s presentation is part of a series of events, curated by Funen Art Academy and planned in collaboration with Brandts Museum. It takes place at Brandts 13, Thursday November 20 from 7-9 pm. Open to the public and free of charge. Find more information at funenartacademy.dk