We offer educational workshops based on our permanent and temporary exhibitions. We have a number of workshops in our collections and a series of photographic workshops such as portrait photography, press photography and the advertising image.

The workshops are aimed primarily at elementary schools and secondary schools, but can be adapted to other groups in the field of education, including higher education. All courses are offered in both Danish, English and German.
For the 3-6 year we have a few special offers – among others in connection with the Sensory Exhibition.



Practical information

Our workshops have a duration of 90 minutes or 3 hours.


3 hour workshop DKK 750, –
90 minutes workshop DKK 395,-
Guided tour of one hour costs DKK. 550, –

For further information and booking contact us at or call us at +45 65 20 70 00




Børnehaver, indskoling 0. - 3. klasse


4. - 6. klasse


7. - 10. klasse

FGU, SOSU, gymnasier, ungdoms-, erhvervs- og videregående uddannelser


Fritidstilbud for 10 - 100 årige

Tilbud til undervisere