Guided Tours

Learn more about the art at Brandts and Brandts 13

A guided tour at Brandts puts our exhibitions and art works into words and perspective. You can learn something new and get to understand the artist’s ideas.

Every sunday at 2 pm one of our art fascilitators will give a guided tour in one or several of our exhibitions at Brandts or Brandts 13. The guided tour is free of charge once the admission is payed.

Book a private guide

If you visit Brandts as a group a private guided tour is highly recommendable. We can plan a guided tour that suits your wishes and expectations.

A guided tour typically takes about 45 minutes and the maximum visitors in a group is 25 persons. The price is 550,- DKK on weekdays and 750,- DKK on weekends and holidays.
Book your guided tour by phone: 65207000