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Adam Jeppesen

The Great Filter

Sandcastles on the beach. Who doesn’t remember the joy of building, excavating, and working like a Trojan? Enclosing the water through channels, protective walls, watching the waves come dangerously close. And suddenly it’s all over!

We are proud to present a new artwork made specific for the exhibition room (Malersalen) at BRANDTS by the Danish artist Adam Jeppesen. More than 150 m2 is the foundation of a scenery of semi-collapsed shapes. What looks like huge sand castles is now almost ruins, spread all over the floor. However, with their beauty still intact.

Adam Jeppesen (b. 1978) has for many years been known internationally for his beautiful and poetic photographs. For BRANDTS Adam Jeppesen has created a temporary large scale sculpture. In ‘The Great Filter’ he is focused on the relation between the ending and beginning of everything. With the sand castle as motive he points out one of the most existential basic conditions of our life – that everything is temporary. That transitoriness is a premise for the beginning of new life.