Permanent udstilling

the Brandts

Painting, sculpture and photography

Modernist formal experiments, atmospheric views from Funen and dramatic narratives of destiny. The Brandts Collection offers a journey through 250 years of Danish art – created by groundbreaking artists from 1750 until today.

So prepare to be seduced by Vilhelm Lundstrøm’s characteristic blue, to experience H.A. Brendekilde’s socially critical bombshell Worn out or have a close encounter with the 18th century nobility in Jens Juel’s portraits. In this hanging of the Collection we turn the spotlight on a number of the museum’s most striking names from the history of Danish art.

In collection we present some of the great Danish artists of the 20th century as well as Danish art from 1750 until 1900.

The Brandts Collection was established in Odense in 1885. Ever since, it has been a wellspring of enthusiasm, cultivation and storytelling. We hope the treasures of the Collection will continue in the future to widen our horizons on the world and on one another.


Brandts, Brandts Torv 1, 5000 Odense C