Die Asta

Stumfilmens danske superstjerne

Join Kunstmuseum Brandts on a cinematic journey into the darkness, back to the roaring 10s and 20s in Berlin accompanied by Denmark’s first and greatest film star. We present to you Die Asta.

Asta Nielsen lived in Berlin for a quarter century, and with more than 70 silent films she got the world at her feet. She was the prototype of a modern woman: trendy, independant and active. She managed the art of self staging, and she understood precisely how to use the new film industry. With her unique talent Die Asta encouraged film acting to be an art form, and the foundation stone was laid for the entertainment business of today.

Die Asta – The Superstar of Danish Silent Film is the story of Asta Nielsen’s versatile film career from 1910 to 1932 – a time she herself took part in forming. The exhibition is a set up of film clips, texts, and a new soundscape composed specifically for this exhibition. Die Asta highlights an epoch-defining and modern artform, but is also a bittersweet story about the transitoriness of both fame and film. 

The exhibition is produced in cooperation with The Danish Film Institute. The soundscape is composed by Bjørn Svin.

Photo: Asta Nielsen sas Bella Burk in: Der Totentanz | Published by Verlag Hermann Leiser, Berlin-Wilmersdorf (Det Kongelige Bibliotek)

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