At all times, artists have been preoccupied with giving concrete form to the more im- palpable aspects of existence. In the case of Lea Porsager, she pushes this quest to its limits, tackling both a fascination with the occult and alternative ways of life. Porsager describes her artistic methodology as “speculative fabulation”. Fundamentally, her works are sculptures, but they are mixed with media such as lm, text and performance-based experiments.

Lea Porsager is one of the most notable younger Danish artists of recent years. Her works ask more questions than they provide answers. It is precisely this mysterious quality that has thrilled audiences throughout the world. After all, what is the actual state of spirituality in our modern age? Discover part of the answer this spring, when Lea Porsager creates a brand new worzk for the sculpture gallery at Brandts 13.

Foto: ESA and the Planck Collaboration

Brandts 13
Jernbanegade 13, 5000, Odense C