Mere Phantoms

Three Cities; a shadow triptych

Three Cities: A Shadow Triptych investigates sites of contention and controversy within three contemporary cosmopolitan environments: Vancouver, Montreal, and Istanbul. Composed entirely of light, shadow, and intricate paper sculptures, Three Cities invites visitors into an interactive space in which they animate and activate the installation.

Visitors will explore the 1700 square foot darkened gallery space using handheld light-wands; transforming the three miniature cities into giant shadowscapes that sweep across the 20 feet high gallery walls. Inspired by the tensions and dialogue that ensue when urban development interests collide, artists Maya Ersan and Jaimie Robson have selected specific sites of recent urban development in the three cities they have collectively lived and worked in. Each of these sites and the physical transformations they are going through, symbolize larger issues that are currently being contested in each of these cities. While these are sites of truncated histories and lost futures, they are also spaces of hope and speculation. They spark debates and raise tensions, at times making cities challenging places to be. But it is often the vitality and energy brought about by these very discussions that draw us to cities, making them meaningful and dynamic places to live.

Created by Montreal-based Mere Phantoms (Maya Ersan and Jaimie Robson).  Audio composition by Christian Carrière.