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30 years of animation

To Infinity… and Beyond!

These were the words that captivated au­diences in 1995 when “Toy Story” hit the movie theatres. 30 years of laughs, tears, and memories later, children and grown-ups all over the world have been spellbound by the magic of the Pixar universe because of its iconic art of animation, and spell-binding storytelling. Kunstmuseum Brandts invites you behind the scenes to see the visual ­development process of the first 30 years of Pixar Animation Studios’ filmmaking.

The exhibition shows more than 200 unique sketches and works of art that provide a glimpse behind the scenes of Pixar’s filmmaking process. Join us for 30 years of adventure with your favorite characters from “Ratatouille”, “Finding Nemo”, “WALL•E” and others and see first-hand howvearly animation concept art led to the realization of these fascinating worlds, stories and characters that audiences have come to love.

Pixar: 30 Years of Animation is organized by Pixar Animation Studios

Credit: Bob Pauley: Woody and Buzz // Toy Story, 1995 // Marker and pencil on paper © Disney/Pixar