Sensory Exhibition

The Forgotten Garden by Mie Mørkeberg


In the forgotten garden the silvery moon always shines. How come the sun never rises? In the forgotten garden there are hills and grass and strange houses with traces of life, but nobody is home. Where have they gone, and who are they? In the forgotten garden someone has built a camp of tents. Have the campers disappeared, or are they just hiding? You can move into the tents and visit the houses in the forgotten garden – if you dare. For in the moonlight everything seems a bit weird. And lurking on the outskirts of the garden are friendly trolls and peculiar animals dressed like other animals. They want to play. Perhaps they are really quite friendly? And might the trolls and the animals know where the inhabitants of the houses are? And by the way, who forgot the garden?

Visitors can ask themselves and each other lots of questions when they visit the winter sensory exhibition The Forgotten Garden. Here visual artist Mie Mørkeberg has created a poetic, playful and sensual world on the edge of the uncanny.

In the video below you can see a timelapse illustrating how the exhibition came to life.