Hello Human

New photo exhibition presents to you a wide range of fantastic art works from Kunstmuseum Brandts’ large photo collection.

Hello Human challenges the ability of the camera visually and in a split second to describe life in its multiplicity. It is primarily an image-borne story of being human. There will be photographs both with and without people, but the common denominator for them all is, that they somehow depict our existence and our impression on the world.

What do we see or conclude from the photographs of the faces and bodies? Do we recognize ourselves? Does the world grow larger or smaller when observing the photographs? With this exhibition we invite you on a photographic tour de force that both questions existentialism and maybe makes us wonder as well. At the same time the exhibition cherishes the multiplicity of the photograph as well as the many ways of expressing a story, from portrait and montage to art and reportage photography.

Hello Human presents a range of Danish and international photographs from the museum collection, among others: Diane Arbus, Tine Harden, Søren Lose, Rafal Milach, Palle From, William Eggleston, Sally Mann, Trine Søndergaard and Wolfgang Tillmans.