For almost 30 years, thousands of children and adventurous adults have flocked to the annual Sensory Exhibition at Brandts. Both new and well established artists have conjured up exciting universes, which have offered space for reflection and challenges.

This year, for the first time, we have invited back an artist with whom we have produced a Sensory Exhibition before, namely Alfio Bonanno. Bonanno creates worlds and stories about nature and using nature. His art can often be found in forests, parks and waterways, on islands and up trees. And before long, in a hall at Brandts, too.

Look forward to this autumn’s Sensory Exhibition, which promises to be wild, exuberant and full of Bonanno’s quirky and adven turous natural art.

Alfio Bonanno (b. 1947 in Sicily) is an internationally acclaimed artist, known especially as one of the pioneers of the Land Art genre. He is co-founder of TICKON, the Tranekær International Centre of Art and Nature on Langeland.